Reflections from Nusa Penida

Bali is blowing our minds, we knew it would.

I’m in a mode now where I am completely relaxed. With the exception of our boat ride across one of the roughest stretches of sea imaginable.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get the most out this time we have. While I’m trying to figure that out we are doing all kinds of exciting things to fill our days.

What I’m most excited about so far is the clarity I feel about our future. This does not mean we’re not scared about what we have planned. I hang on to those sayings that say you learn the most when you are out of your comfort zone.

I’m also excited about the pursuit towards being a better person. This has not translated into a fabulous Bali bod but it has resulted in me spending a lot of time reflecting on things I want to change about myself. Much of this also comes in the form of reflecting on situations and environments I’ve been a part of and identifying things I could’ve done better or would avoid in the future.

I feel more creative than I have in a long time. This mainly manifests itself in me singing songs that I make up on the spot 🙂 and taking photos. I want to write more but haven’t gotten past being active on Instagram. Shame on me.

It’s funny how no amount of time is ever enough. People come to Bali for a week long vacation and we find ourselves saying “why did we only give ourselves 3 weeks?”.

A few of my favorite snaps from the past week:


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