Bucket List

We all have our dream destinations and activities in our minds or on paper. The ‘if I had the time or money scenarios’. Annchen and I have those too.

When we decided we’d be leaving Berlin we started talking about all the thing we never did here and made a little list. Well, actually it ended up being a pretty long list. We agreed we would do one new thing a day until we leave.

So far we’ve been pretty good at ticking these off the list.

This past week here are some of the highlights from our Berlin bucket list:

Stasi Museum

Berin is steeped with history. In my time living here I’ve been most fascinated with the GDR/DDR East Germany history. We escaped a real scorcher of a day hoping to find an air-conditioned museum. I’m not sure why we thought the Stasi headquarters (a relic from the 80’s) would be a good fit for that. We failed. It was even hotter in this step back into time building. We enjoyed learning more about the Stasi (secret police) and seeing all their spy contraband.


I had no idea what to expect at this Government Building. What was inside delighted the eyes. An added bonus was hanging out with our friends Anke and Dominik. From the top, we got to enjoy a Berlin sunset with stunning views of the city.

Go to a Lake

We’ve been experiencing a major heat wave here in Berlin with temperatures averaging 32-33 C (90’s F). I’m not sure why it took us all summer to figure out how to actually get to a lake but we finally did. It was one train from our apartment and about a 45 min ride and there we were at  Lake Krumme. The water was perfect, the landscape was lush green and in typical German fashion there was nudity everywhere :).


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