Reflections from Nusa Penida

Bali is blowing our minds, we knew it would. I’m in a mode now where I am completely relaxed. With the exception of our boat ride across one of the roughest stretches of sea imaginable. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the most out this time we have. While I’m trying to […]

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When I’m at my worst I start thinking about all the friends and family around the world that I’ve lost touch with. When I’m at my best I think about all the friends and family around the world I miss and would love to re-connect with. There’s always this hesitancy to run into that friend […]

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Bucket List

We all have our dream destinations and activities in our minds or on paper. The ‘if I had the time or money scenarios’. Annchen and I have those too. When we decided we’d be leaving Berlin we started talking about all the thing we never did here and made a little list. Well, actually it […]

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Getting After It

I think it’s far less common for guys to talk about their body issues. So I’m gonna step out in the wild world of being different. I can’t remember when I first realized I’m fat. I think before I was ever called fat at school I was called big. This started with sports -sometimes it […]

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